Corona Curriculum

We have learned a lot in the last eighteen months.   The first thing COVID taught us was an economics lesson, as the laws of supply and demand were on full display as the whole nation experienced a shortage of paper goods.  There were price hikes and even fist fights over toilet paper in groceryContinue reading “Corona Curriculum”

Revisit and Revise

Generally speaking, I would prefer people not to touch me, but lately, I’ve been feeling like I need a laying on of hands. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, it is when the faithful encircle a brother or sister, and stretch out their hands and pray for and speak well over a brother or sisterContinue reading “Revisit and Revise”

Cards, Candy, and Crap, It’s Cold!

I do not like Valentine’s Day. It usually consists of me running around trying to by cards for every kid in multiple classes. I also try to get something nice for my own kids. My husband doesn’t celebrate, but I do usually pick up one of his favorite candies from the store. I usually alsoContinue reading “Cards, Candy, and Crap, It’s Cold!”