If you’ve arrived here, you probably already know me and love me. If not, let me spend a few seconds trying to worm my way into your heart. This is not a religious site. I am not a preacher, though I might wrestle with sacred texts every now and again. I really just use this little corner of the internet to share how I’m navigating adulthood, parenthood, and whatever other hoods life might take me to next.

Unlike church, here you should feel free to:

  1. Judge me openly.
  2. Laugh out loud at the absurdity that is my life.

But much like church, feel free to say Amen.

Thanks for stopping in.

Latest from the Blog

Mothering my Mother

 I help her bathe and get dressed. I feed her breakfast before I go to work in the mornings, and I check in with the sitter periodically to see how their day is going.  I worry if she is getting the proper nutrients to sustain her.  When I get home from work, we talk about…

Friendly Cooperation

I want to say I was shocked by the announcement that Southern Baptist Convention voted to boot out one of the biggest churches in the country. But as someone who is truly “Baptist-Born, Baptist-bred, and when I’ll die I’ll be Baptist dead”, I barely shrugged my shoulders. Saddleback Baptist church has 19 campuses and weekend…

Happy Black History Month

It’s Groundhog Day in America. I don’t know if Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow. But I know there is certainly a dark image hovering over the land. Yesterday, the family of Tyre Nichols laid their loved one to rest. I didn’t watch the funeral. I don’t believe that family grief ought to be for public…

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