If you’ve arrived here, you probably already know me and love me. If not, let me spend a few seconds trying to worm my way into your heart. This is not a religious site. I am not a preacher, though I might wrestle with sacred texts every now and again. I really just use this little corner of the internet to share how I’m navigating adulthood, parenthood, and whatever other hoods life might take me to next.

Unlike church, here you should feel free to:

  1. Judge me openly.
  2. Laugh out loud at the absurdity that is my life.

But much like church, feel free to say Amen.

Thanks for stopping in.

Latest from the Blog

Guns and Roses

It’s been almost a month since an 18-year-old walked into a grocery store in Buffalo, NY, shooting thirteen people and killing ten of them. He live-streamed part of his attack. The person arrested for this crime has entered a plea of “not guilty.” It’s been nearly three weeks since 19 children and two teachers wereContinue reading “Guns and Roses”

Pass the Mic

One of the best things that came out of this pandemic was Jasmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales. The songs are interlaced with interludes of women telling stories of their romantic escapades. I have a confession to make. I can’t personally identify with a single song on the album. That doesn’t stop me from blasting the musicContinue reading “Pass the Mic”

And the Oscar Goes To…

Did you know that Samuel L Jackson finally got an Oscar last night? An openly queer woman of color also won the Academy’s highest honor. Did you hear about that? Did you know that the movie that won best picture, was about a child of deaf adults (CODA)? Had you heard that Will Packer directedContinue reading “And the Oscar Goes To…”

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