If you’ve arrived here, you probably already know me and love me. If not, let me spend a few seconds trying to worm my way into your heart. This is not a religious site. I am not a preacher, though I might wrestle with sacred texts every now and again. I really just use this little corner of the internet to share how I’m navigating adulthood, parenthood, and whatever other hoods life might take me to next.

Unlike church, here you should feel free to:

  1. Judge me openly.
  2. Laugh out loud at the absurdity that is my life.

But much like church, feel free to say Amen.

Thanks for stopping in.

Latest from the Blog

The Book was Better!

We all know a book supremacist, somebody who swears that the books are better than the on-screen portrayal. Famously, Crissle West, of The Read podcast, is a perfect example. She frequently tells her co-host, Kid Fury, and the listeners how horrible the Harry Potter movies were in comparison to the books. She makes no effortContinue reading “The Book was Better!”

Wonder(ful) Years

When I hear the term “reboot”, I think of turning my computer off and turning it back on again. It is basically my go-to move for all tech support related issues. My computer is frozen. Reboot. My phone is glitching. Reboot. Can’t open a website. Turn it off for a few minutes. It should beContinue reading “Wonder(ful) Years”

Corona Curriculum

We have learned a lot in the last eighteen months.   The first thing COVID taught us was an economics lesson, as the laws of supply and demand were on full display as the whole nation experienced a shortage of paper goods.  There were price hikes and even fist fights over toilet paper in groceryContinue reading “Corona Curriculum”

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