Corona Curriculum

We have learned a lot in the last eighteen months.   The first thing COVID taught us was an economics lesson, as the laws of supply and demand were on full display as the whole nation experienced a shortage of paper goods.  There were price hikes and even fist fights over toilet paper in grocery store aisles.  After the economics lesson, we all took a brief course in Computer Science, becoming our own IT departments.  Almost anything can be fixed by restarting your computer.  A whole lot of us decided to take a science elective, as we read up on virology, biology.  Heck, some of us even turned to Scientology.  We had time to read since all of our events were canceled.  But of all the things we learned, I think the thing that will stick with us the longest is our new lexicon.

I surely wish I had never learned what Ivermectin and  ECMO machines are.  Anti-masker is a word I could live without aIso. I would love to never hear the word ‘droplets’ again, unless we’re talking about rain. But there are a few virus vocabulary words that I hope will stick around

Just as influenza was shortened to the “flu”, the novel coronavirus was abbreviated to Coronavirus, The ‘Rona’, or the ‘Vid’.

I used to think zoom was a word that meant to move fast.  I had no idea that it was the only way that I could connect with my friends and family for over a year!

If you had said, “you’re on mute” to me two years ago,  I would have thought you were rudely telling me to be quiet.  In 2021, it actually means the opposite.

Tick-Tock used to be the sound old watches made.  Now, I’m not sure what it is.  I just know it’s got these kids doing goofy dancing and destroying school property.  BTW,   Devious Lick sounds like something kids should definitely not be participating in!

Before the pandemic, “hard pants” was not a phrase you would have heard.  But now, thanks to COVID-19, and the 19 pounds some of us gained during the pandemic, we all know what hard pants are.   Also, if you’re an ything like me, we are likely never to wear hard pants again.  Before the pandemic, I owned two pairs of leggings.  Today, I own at least one pair for every day of the week.

I don’t know if this virus will ever go away.  But it has brought us some things that I hope will stick around, like working from home, virtual church services, and free hand sanitizer everywhere you go.  I hope this new vocabulary sticks around,too.  

Did I leave off your favorite new word? Leave it in the comments below.

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