Cards, Candy, and Crap, It’s Cold!

I do not like Valentine’s Day. It usually consists of me running around trying to by cards for every kid in multiple classes. I also try to get something nice for my own kids. My husband doesn’t celebrate, but I do usually pick up one of his favorite candies from the store. I usually also buy myself a little something, too, because I know nobody else is going to get me a gift. That’s not 100 percent accurate. At least one of the kids always makes me something heart-shaped and heartfelt. So I don’t complain.

A few years ago, I was hit with a medical emergency on Valentine’s Day. The sun was about to rise, and I thought I might die on the side of the highway on the road to the ER. I am fiercely independent and slightly insane, so I drove myself, in tears, to the local hospital. I have never felt more loved than I did on that day…but still, it kind of sucked. I woke up thinking I was going on a romantic date, and found myself in emergency surgery. Since, then, I’ve made an effort to treat myself, (and the people I love) well on February 14.

This year, I was going to take my husband to brunch, but I woke up and saw that the the temperature was below zero degrees. I pulled the cover back over my head. I love my family, but I don’t do cold weather. I haven’t gone outside in days. I don’t check the mail. I don’t answer the door when the delivery people knock. I try to stay away from the windows. I do not believe it is the Lord’s will for my life to be cold.

This year, it’ not just cold. It’s actually warmer in the North Pole than it was in my hometown of Kansas City, on Sunday. That’s ridiculous. There is snow on the ground in Dallas and Little Rock. “It’s snowing down south,” is supposed to be an expression that church ladies say when your slip is showing. It is not supposed to be a statement of fact! That being said, nobody got cards or candy this year. I didn’t buy myself a special dinner. I spent all my energy trying to keep warm…which apparently was wise, since electric and gas companies across the region are doing rolling blackouts to avoid overwhelming the power grid.

And as mad as I am about not getting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Sweetarts (r) in the shapes of hearts, at least I’m not sitting in the ER, doubled over in pain. However, you spent this made up holiday, I hope you were safe and warm, and not in the ER. And if you were in the ER on Valentine’s Day, I’m glad you’re still around to read this.

With Love,

G. Radford

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