New and Improved!

Happy 2021!

Welcome to “The Gospel According to Gabrielle”.

I’m not here to give you a new year, new me diatribe. That’s great, if that’s what you’re doing. But y’all are getting the same old me that you had last year, with just a few tweaks. For instance, hopefully by the time any of you actually see me in real life, I will have lost a couple of pounds. But I still like to eat and drink way more than I should. You’ll still be getting whatever random thoughts that pop in my mind, but in a slightly different format.

It is my intent for this space to be both my safe space and my launching pad. I’m still not sure what that’s going to look like, but I hope you will join me on my journey.

You can still find me on Wednesdays over at I try to keep that space inspirational, as I know that the church folks read all that. is still the main-hub for my thoughts on parenting in the pandemic and beyond.

But this space, is for the no-holds barred, withholding nothing, say it how you feel it crowd. There might be curse words. There might be crying. There will definitely be some craziness. You know, just like in real life.

Hope to talk to you soon,


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